ХАНШ         Ц/Цайр-тонн: $         Ам.доллар: 2,849.47₮         Юань: 440.08₮         Евро: 3,464.10₮

About Us

Tsairt Mineral LLC is a biggest joint ventured mining company in Mongolia.

In 1998, Mongolian “Metal Impex” Co.,Ltd and world mining company China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd (NFC) have established  joint ventured “Tsairt Mineral” LLC and successfully realized Tumurtiin-Ovoo project with so many people’s efforts and spirits in 2005 Tumurtiin-Ovoo project is located in 13 km north from Baruun-Urt the center of Suhbaatar province, approximately 650 km from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

Between “Tsairt Mineral” LLC and Mongolian government has made a Stability Agreement on 13th of May, 1998. And then,  in 23th of August 2007, has made an amendment and a changes to the Stability Agreement of 1998. By this amendment, the company shall pay the corporate income tax and the royalty tax respectively in effective law.


  • Zinc Ore B+C Reserves: 7570x103 tons

  • Average Grade: 13.6%

  • Zinc Reserves: 1003 x103 tons

  • Open pit

Designed Capability

  • Mining and processing 300x103 tons/year zinc ore

  • 66x103 tons/year zinc concentrate

  • 33x103 tons/year zinc

  • Service life: 25 years


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ХАНШ         Ц/Цайр-тонн: $         Ам.доллар: 2,849.47₮         Юань: 440.08₮         Евро: 3,464.10₮